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Yesterday, I got the privilege of participating in Carter’s Quest for a Cure, Colour Me Red for hemophilia awareness.  Hemophilia is a rare blood disease that effects about 1 in 10,000 people in Canada.

CODIO Photography

Carter is a sassy six year old, with the brightest little smile. With such a big heart, it’s hard to believe that something like hemophilia could be a challenge in his life. But unfortunately, for this little guy and others across the world this is their reality. With one normal scrap of the knee to us, could lead to an extended stay in the hospital to Carter. It was an honour to meet Carter, even though he was a little shy!

A big thank you to the Airdrie Hair Lounge for sponsoring this event and getting all us girls ready in red! Being able to participate in this event was so much fun! I cannot wait for next year to show my continued support! Dying my extensions red for Carter was such a humbling experience, and I am so inspired by Carter to continue to be grateful for every day I have been given. Each day I meet more and more incredible individuals, I am truly blessed to be a part of such wonderful initiatives in my community.

CODIO Photography

Be sure to support Carter’s Quest for a Cure by liking and donating to their initiatives. They can be found on Facebook at and they’re website to donate is

Thank you to CODIO Photography for the beautiful photos taken at this event. It was a pleausre meeting you!


Until next time,

Miss Teenage Airdrie 2015, Mackenzie

CODIO Photography



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My mind is running in circles as I don’t know where to begin with my excitment. This first blog post is my time to really reflect on the honour of the title I have recieved, and how I’m going to make the most of it. It’s all very overwhelming in such a dazzling way, as so much has already begun just a few weeks after being crowned, and so much is still yet to come!

I remeber the days before I had found out I made it to regionals, I was going over the things I said in my interview. I knew this was an experience I did not want to miss out on! As life is so short, I believe you must go into everything with an open mind and a welcoming smile with the fear of what may happen left behind. In this interview however the fear was definitely not left behind, it was standing over my shoulder yelling in my ear and piercing the back of my throat. But with a strong mind I pushed the doubt to the back, because I know I am just as capable as any other girl to do this, nothing I think might limit me will, unless I let it.

My mom was reading me the email, and just as always I was blocking her out thinking she was telling me to do chores or something I was too tired to actually do. I looked over and saw it was from Miss Teenage Canada. Nervous I read what appeared to be an apology along with a notice that I was not selected, but I failed to see in all capitals the giant “Congratulations” in the subject title. Just as I sighed, I looked above and screamed seeing there it was, the email that changed my life forever. My mind once again racing with the endless to-do lists and how many things I have to get done, I was so excited to get started! Finding the perfect dress, meeting some amazing sponsors (who I will thank later on in this,) and chatting with some fellow competitors whom are now lifelong friends, was so thrilling! The days could not go by fast enough, yet once March hit I blinked and there I was, bags, gowns and all inside my hotel room screaming to be unpacked and worn as soon as possible.

Having social anxiety, you wouldn`t think walking into a room full of 34 girls would be comforting, yet in that moment I felt loved and cared for by all. We learned things about eachother, played a game of match the Facebook profile to the person, and laughed about the shared mixed of excitment and fear we all felt. The day flew by and soon enough after rehersals and learning to walk on stage, the judging was finally here. I don`t remeber much after that as I was so in the moment that the only memories are the picture I have and will forever keep. The past alumni were so much help and the sweetest, kindest souls! I don`t think I will have been able to pull through the day without them pushing us to keep bettering ourselves.

IMG_8316With that being said, I`d like to thank Mercy, former Miss Teenage Airdrie 2013 for representing our city so well and also inspiring me. I truly hope to due you justice this year and make you proud at nationals. To all my sponsors, friends and family who supported me emotionally and finicially, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am so blessed to be apart of such an incredibly supportive community. This honestly could not have happened with all of your love and support, and I hope to make you all proud this year.

I hope to use my title to not only represent my city, but those whom the world has lost due to suicide, and  to continue to support those still suffering, ashamed of their own minds. This crown I wear upon my head, I hold high with the strength you all have given me with the stories I have been trusted enough to hear. I hope to inspire and ignight a buring passion within my readers to change lives with simple jestures. It takes one person to start a change, if we all become that one person it would turn into an extrodinary revolution of acceptance and care between human beings.

I leave you with these thoughts of mine; of continued gratitude, acceptance and compassion. Believe that you can change someones world, believe in yourself and believe in the faith of others.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read my thoughts.

Love always,

Mackenzie, Miss Teenage Airdrie 2015




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