These past four days have been an adventure filled with emotions, laughter and great memories! I’m so excited to share them all with you on my trip back to Alberta from Toronto, to reflect and encourage all the young ladies in Airdrie to start thinking about taking part in such an incredible experience!

Siberian Tiger Cub at the Bowmanville Zoo.

Siberian Tiger Cub at the Bowmanville Zoo.

Today, we took part in a private show at the Bowmanville Zoo to get up close and personal with some fuzzy friends! Bowmanville Zoo believes in the importance of persevering our endangered species, and participates in breeding programs to protect these animals, like the Siberian Tiger that us ladies got to pet, hold and take photos with! Along with the baby tiger, a male lion cub joined in on the fun, prancing around and taunting all us adoring girls in petting this “ferocious beast.” After the babies got tired out from all their running and jumping, they fell asleep. But just when we thought things couldn’t get anymore cute, they had one last surprise for us; a Lemur! I grew up watching “Zaboomafoo” every morning, so this was a dream come true!

Bowmanville Zoological Park.

The Lemur at Bowmanville Zoological Park.

After the Zoo, we headed back into the city to explore my personal favourite spot, downtown Toronto. Between the busy streets filled with every kind of person, to soaring skyscrapers so far up a little shrimp like me couldn’t even begin to picture the top, downtown Toronto was the place to be for 82 princesses like us! We walked with heels clacking to the monumental Toronto Eaton Centre to a crowd of people taking our pictures and waving. It was so incredible to see so many different types of people in one place!

Chipotle Beef Burrito at Richman Market, Eaton Centre.

Chipotle Beef Burrito at Richtree Market, Eaton Centre.

Although, thrilled and a bit side-tracked from this new-found celebrity status we all had gained, my stomach was aching for just the right kind of food and Richtree Market had just the thing I was craving. These amazing tacos and burritos were given to us, and there’s nothing better than free food, am I right? I personally fell in food-love with the “Chipotle Beef Burrito.” Had the right amount of spice and sweetness! Aside from the food, the staff there was brilliant! Fast and easy service, even with 82 girls with hungry bellies! The new indoor food truck was just the addition the Eaton Centre needed, adding bit of vintage style with the old Volkswagen van as a kitchen! So unique and exciting to see!

Tacos and Burritos in style!

Tacos and Burritos in style!

So much more to come, I promise. But until than, I must sleep, preliminaries tomorrow! Wish me luck!

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