Hey Everyone! I’m Mannat, Miss Teenage Airdrie 2016. I am so proud of myself for making it this far and working so hard for what I wanted. I’ve always been interested in doing this pageant but never had the bravery to do it until I took a chance and tried it out. This was an amazing experience for me I learned so much and made lots of new friends!

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The night of the pageant was one of the best nights of my life. Just the feeling of being on stage and knowing everyone’s watching me gave me butterflies, I was super nervous but super happy because I was doing this and couldn’t believe it, imagine that feeling!


Now time to tell you guys some fun facts about me! I am 15 years old,  I love doing activities that calm me such as dance and yoga. I am a huge animal lover and love being around all animals especiallyIMG_1746 cats! I love spending time outdoors and being out with my friends, I am a city girl and enjoy spending time downtown. I just love the feeling of waking up and doing or trying something new with my friends everyday we always make sure we are enjoying ourselves and not just being lazy and wasting time, but just like everyone else I like to have alone time to think and plan by myself.


Now a little bit about my platform, my platform is about self esteem and confidence I think these are two very important things that affect the decisions you make in your everyday life. Just having enough confidence in yourself will make you know that you can do anything and achieve your goals if you work hard and believe in yourself, just like I did !

More blogs are soon to come make sure to check them out!

Bye lovies,


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