I always get super excited when I’m going to Banff National Park it’s an amazing place banff-133332with beautiful lakes and wildlife! The good thing about Banff is that it looks great all year round and has activities you can do no matter the weather, so you can come and visit whenever!

Banff was founded by 3 Canadian Pacific Railway construction workers they spotted a cave that contained the hot springs which was located on the eastern eastern slopes of Alberta’s Rocky Mountains which they called Banff national park. This is Canada’s #1 national park and the 3rd out of the world



There are lots of actives to do around Banff such as visit lake Louise which was discovered in 1882 by railroad workers, come and adore nature and the natural beauty of it. You can
also ride the gondolas where you can get a breathe taking view of Banff. Another option is go hiking on Johnston canyon and check out the beautiful waterfalls, and if you’re like me and like to shop, Banff has some pretty cool souvenir shops and even some clothing shops! Personally my Favourite thing to do is visit the fairmont hotel because of its haunted history, the hotel was built in the 19th century and was open to the public on June 1, 1888. These are just some options I enjoy but if you look into it there’s many more fun filled things to do!



There you have it, sounds pretty amazing right?! If you ever decide to visit Alberta I definitely recommend taking a stop at Banff National Park and have yourself an enjoyable time.


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