I got the pleasure last weekend to attend the Airdrie Home and Lifestyle Show to participate in “The Store Upstairs” fashion show. I had an incredible time meeting some friendly faces of my community and also speak with some amazing sponsors of mine. There was so much to see (and buy! eek!) I got some cute little crystals, and if you know me, you know I’m absolutely crazy for crystals to help keep me a little more humble. I got to experience the beautiful art gallery to view the talented local artists in Airdrie. I even got to learn some of their incredible stories on how they got into art. A local author named Gordon R. Perry had his books displayed. Glancing at them I had noticed the children’s book he had written was about bullying. I told him my story; how I was bullied for several years, tried to take my own life and then went onto creating Airdrie’s anti-bullying bylaw in 2013. Mr. Perry then handed me a book and told me to keep it. This is something I will treasure forever and surely will use to teach younger children about bullying. I strongly recommend going to www.booksbygordon.com and purchasing “The Dog and The Hen: It’s Fun To Be a Friend” to teach your little ones about being a friend to all!

In my last post, I had attended the Volunteer Airdrie’s “Cheers For Volunteers” event. I got the chance to stop by and say hello again to some awesome staff trying to recruit some new volunteers for this year! If you’re in the Airdrie community, be sure to sign up and get involved to earn some amazing life skills, new knowledge, and unforgettable memories! Again, thank you to the wonderful staff and volunteers who help make Airdrie such a spectacular place to live!

Some of the wonderful people who are making my dream of going to Miss Teenage Canada a reality were also at the Home and Lifestyle Show! Thank you to Edward Jones Investments and Innovation Bed Systems for sponsoring me on my way to nationals! I am truly grateful for all your support. Also a huge thank you to Bronze Baxx Tanning for all of the sponsored spray tanning! You ladies always make me look my absolute best, with the most beautiful color!


Fort Calgary (Dress from The Store Upstairs)

Fort Calgary (Dress from The Store Upstairs)

It was a privileged to participate in the fashion show to support The Store Upstairs. They have been an absolute delight in our community. Whenever I go, I always find some odd nick-knack or cute dress to buy. Needless to say, you will never leave empty handed! In fact, afterwards I went over to their store and bought myself a lovely dress that I soon wore down to visit Fort Calgary to learn all about Alberta.

Last weekend was quiet the success! I am so excited to see what more is in store for me during my reign. Only a few weeks after crowning and I have been absolutely swamped with events and appearances, but I love every second of it! This is a once in a lifetime opportunity, and I am so blessed to be able to experience it all. Thank you once again to all those who continue to support me through all my endeavors. I love you all very much.


Until next time,

Mackenzie, Miss Teenage Airdrie 2o15

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